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                             UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COVID-19

                                              DEATH TOLL HISTORY

                  [ https://search.aol.com/aol/search?s_it=loki-windoid&ncid=aolsea00010000000041&q=covid19+usa+death+toll ]

2/29/20: 1

4/11/20:  20,000

5/27/20:  100,000

6/11/20:    112,924

6/14/20:   114,686

6/16/20:   115,950

6/18/20:   117, 860

6/20/20:   119, 131

6/23/20:   120,511

6/29/20:   123,730

7/7/20:      128,445

7/16/20:    134,956

​7/28/20:    145,870

8/11/20:     163,105

                      1918 FLU and Covid-19 PANDEMICS COMPARISON

    USA 1918 Population: 103 Million                     USA 2018 Population: 327 Million

    USA 1918 Death Toll Average 675,000            USA 2018 Death Toll:    ???

    (500,000-850,000 not really known)

   USA 1918 % of Population Average: 0.64%    USA 2018 & of Population:   ???

   (0.48-0.81% not really known)

READ THIS!   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia_Liberty_Loans_Parade

The Spanish flu first hit Philadelphia, through the Philadelphia Navy Yard, on September 19, 1918, from sailors who were returning from Europe.[1]
The city of Philadelphia was in charge of raising $259 million for war time efforts and saw the parade as a way to raise those funds.[2]
City officials projected that the parade would draw only around 10,000 spectators.[3]

 Following news of the disease reaching Philadelphia, many local physicians were wary of the dangers of holding the parade. However, Dr. Wilmer Krusen, the director of Philadelphia's Department of Health and Charities, allowed the parade to be held.[4]


Broad Street, the location of the Philadelphia Liberty Loans Parade.
Only nine days after the Spanish flu had arrived in Philadelphia, more than 200,000 Philadelphians (20 times greater than the projected attendance) flocked to see the parade. At the time, it was the largest parade in Philadelphia's history.[5]
The parade, which was 2 miles long, took place on Broad Street and featured four horse-drawn howitzers, floats, marching bands led by John Philip Sousa, and brand-new floating biplanes that were built in Philadelphia's Navy Yard. Many World War I veterans along with Boy Scouts were in the parade and rode through the crowds. The parade raised more than $600,000,000 for the war efforts.[6]


After the parade was over, the evening bulletin of The Philadelphia Inquirer described the parade as "the first premonition of – victory" and as "a great day in Philadelphia."
Twenty-four hours after the parade had ended, 118 Philadelphians were described as coming down with "a mysterious, deadly influenza." Two days later, Dr. Wilmer Krusen concluded that the Spanish flu was now present in the civilian population.[7]

 One day after this announcement, every bed in Philadelphia's 31 hospitals was filled. One week later, 4,500 Philadelphians were declared dead of the Spanish flu and 47,000 people were infected.[1][8]
On October 3, the outbreak of the Spanish flu in Philadelphia had gotten so bad that the city had to be essentially shut down. Schools, churches, bars and theaters were all required to be closed. Many large gatherings in Philadelphia including the Liberty Crusade parade at the Academy of Music and a Liberty Loan meeting with former US President William Howard Taft were canceled.[9][10]
In response to the outbreak, Klumer requested that the US Army stop drafting doctors in Philadelphia, allocate funds to hire more medical professionals and mobilize the sanitation department to clean the city and remove bodies from the street. Both retired doctors and medical students were used to treat the influx of ill Philadelphians. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia assisted these efforts by sending nuns to hospitals to serve as nurses and by sending priests and seminary students to homes to collect bodies and build graves. Students at Bryn Mawr College, a women's college 11 miles from Philadelphia, opened the Lancaster Inn to treat patients.[11]
Many makeshift hospitals were created throughout Philadelphia. Still, hospitals were unable to treat every infected patient, especially because much of Philadelphia's medical staff was serving the United States overseas in World War I.[12]
The city of Philadelphia had too many deaths and not enough morticians. More than 1,000 bodies lay unburied, which forced the coroner of Philadelphia, William R. Knight Jr., to urge those who were healthy to serve as gravediggers. Many Philadelphians were unable to hire morticians and were forced to bury their dead family members on their own. Notably, Rabbi I. Rosenfeld was forced to build a casket and bury his son, Jack.[13][14]
Pennsylvania State Senator Edwin H. Vare described the situation in South Philadelphia as the "worst" he could remember. Many doctors were overworked and pharmacies were running short on drugs.[15]
Following the closure of Philadelphia, many people went to Camden, New Jersey, to go to their bars. Camden then closed their bars to prevent spread of the influenza. On November 11, 1918, Philadelphians once again gathered on Broad Street, but this time to celebrate Armistice Day. By then, the disease was on the decline in Philadelphia.[16]
Following the outbreak, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health was officially reorganized.
No memorial to the more than 17,000 Philadelphians that were killed by the Spanish flu exists in the city of Philadelphia today. However, in 2019 the Mütter Museum opened an exhibition called "Spit Spreads Death: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918–19 in Philadelphia." It aims to raise public awareness of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 and its impact upon Philadelphia.[17]
Today, The Center for Disease Control's Division of Global Migration and Quarantine uses the Philadelphia Liberty Loans Parade as an example of how not to handle a pandemic.[18]

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COVID-19 pandemic in Philadelphia
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                                                                       TAKE A BOUGH, DUDE! 

   If a tree falls in a forest, it may or may not make a sound. But if it stands in a cross-walk and blocks traffic, it will likely get arrested. ASHER WOODWORTH of Portland, Maine, learned that after dressing up like a pine tree and slo-o-owly making his way across a busy downtown intersection. Police charges him with "obstructing a public way." What on earth spurred him to make like a tree but not leave? Woodworth - an artist, dancer and 'tireless advocate of slowness and stillness" - said he found it "exciting to be able to create circumstances that surprise people, give them a breath of fresh air and wake them up." Far from feeling needled, locals went online and had fun with the story. "Was he trying to branch out in his career?" posted one. Responded another: Awwww, leaf him alone."

[AARP BULLETIN / Real Possibilities: Jan-Feb 2017, p 54]

                                                       SURFERS RESCUE DEER FROM OCEAN IN BELMAR

                                                                         SUICIDAL DEER??

   Surfers helped rescue a deer from the ocean off the beach. Drew Inman tells the Asbury Park Press the deer sprinted into the surf in Belmar, New Jersey, on Tuesday and began to struggle in the cold water. Inman says that's when a group of surfers went around jetty rocks to force the deer to shore. Inman says it took the surfers about 30 minutes before one cradled the deer and brought it back to the beach. The deer tried to run back into the ocean before it was chased off.

[The Associated Press: Burlington County (NJ) Times, May 2019]   

                                         THE HOLY SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE

. Roger Eugene AILES, born May 15, 1940, died May 18, 2017, parents DIVORCED  1960.

First wife: Marjorie White, married 1960, DIVORCED 1977.

Second wife: Norma Ferrer, married 1981, DIVORCED 1995.

Third wife: Elizabeth Tilson, married 1998.

. Stephanie Ann ALLEN, born July 23, 1976.

Husband: Dan Marries, married 1997, as Stephanie Ann Sommerville, DIVORCED 2004.

Husband: Todd Grisham, married 2004, DIVORCED 2006.

Husband(?): 2008, her second son born.

. Maya ANGELOU, born April 4, 1928, died May 28, 2014 (parents probably DIVORCED when she 3 years old).

First husband: Tosh Angelos, married 1951, DIVORCED 1954.

relationship with Vusumzi Make 1961 plus.

Second husband: Paul du Feu, married 1974, DIVORCED 1981, he married before to Germain Greer.

Other husbands possible.

. Johanna "Hannah" Cohn ARENDT, born October 14, 1906, died December 4, 1975.

First husband: Gunther Stern, married 1929, DIVORCED 1937.

Second Husband: Heinrich Bluecher, married 1940, DIVORCED 1970.

. Kathryn Allen BAILEY, born July 22, 1943.

First Husband: John Parks, married Apr 8, 1967, DIVORCED 1969.

Second husband: Ray Hutchinson, married March 16, 1978, died 2014, his first wife Mary Eleanor Fogelman.

. James Orsen BAKKER, born January 2, 1940.

First wife: Tamara "Tammy" Faye LaValley, married Apr 1, 1961, DIVORCED Mar 13, 1992.

Second wife: Lori Beth Graham, married September 4, 1998.

. Jamie Charles "Jay" BAKKER, born December 18, 1975.

First wife: Amanda, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Karin Aebersold, married 2013.

. Tammy Faye BAKKER, see Tamara "Tammy" Faye LaVALLEY.

. Stephen Kevin BANNON, born November 27, 1953.

First wife: Cathleen Houff Jordan, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Mary Piccard, married 1995, gave birth to twin daughters 3 days later, DIVORCED 1997.

Third wife: Diane Clohesy, married 2006, DIVORCED 2009.

. John Anthony BARRASSO III, born July 21, 1952.

First wife: Linda Nix, DIVORCED

Second wife: Bobbie Brown, married January 1, 2008, she probably married before.

. Joe Linus BARTON, born September 5, 1949.

First wife: Jeanette/Janet Winslow, married 1971, DIVORCED 2003.

Second wife: Terri Brasier, married 2004, DIVORCED 2015.

. William Joseph BAXLEY III, born June 27, 1941.

First wife: Lucy Mae Bruner, married 1974, DIVORCED 1987.

Second wife: Marie Prat

. Glenn Lee BECK, born February 10, 1964.

First wife: Claire, married 1983, DIVORCED 1994.

Second wife: Tania, married 1999.

Robert Gilliland "Bob" BECKEL, born November 15, 1948

married Leland Ingham 1992, DIVORCED 2002, he as her first husband.

. Byron De La BECKWITH, Jr, b November 9, 1920, d Jan 21, 2001.

First wife: Mary Louise Williams, married 1946, probably DIVORCED 1960.

Second wife: Thelma Neff, married 1982/

. Daniel Bolotsky aka BELL, born May 10, 1919, died January 25, 2011.

First wife: Nora Potashnick, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Elaine Graham, DIVORCED.

Third wife: Peark Kazin.

. Robert Julian BENTLEY, born February 3, 1943.

married Martha Dianne Jones, July 24, 1965, DIVORCED September 29, 2015.

. Robert Hunter BIDEN, born February 4, 1970.

First wife: Kathleen Buhle, married 1993, DIVORCED 2017.

domestic, Hallie Olivere, 2016-18. 

affair, child b 2018.

Second wife: Melissa Cohen, married 2019.

. Roy Dean BLUNT, born January 10, 1950.

First wife: Roseann Roy, married 1967, DIVORCED 2003.

Second wife: Abigail Perlman, married 2003.

. John Robert BOLTON, born November 20, 1948.

First wife: Christine, married 1972, DIVORCED 1983.

Second wife: Gretchen Smith.

. Sherrod Campbell BROWN, born November 9, 1952.

First wife: Larke Ummel, also given as Larke Recchie, married 1979, DIVORCED 1987.

Second wife: Connie Schultz, married 2004.

. Leonard Alfred Schneider aka Lenny BRUCE, born October 13, 1925, died August 3, 1966, drug overdose (parents DIVORCED when he aged 10).

married Honey aka Harriett Joliff aka Honey Harlow 1951, DIVORCED January 21, 1957.

she married Jeffrey Friedman 1984.

. Douglas James BURGUM, born August 1, 1956.

First wife: Karen Stoker, married 1991, DIVORCED 2003.

Second wife: Kathryn Helgaas, married 2016.

. Dorothy "Doro" BUSH, born August 18, 1959.

First husband: William LeBlond, married 1982, DIVORCED 1990.

Second husband: Robert P. Koch, married 1992.

. Neil Mallon BUSH, born January 22, 1955.

First wife: Sharon Smith, married 1980, DIVORCED  April, 2003, she married as second husband Bob Murray.

Second wife: Maria Manass Andrews, married 2004.

Brenda BUTTNER, born May 22, 1961, died February 20, 2017, cancer.

married  Tom Adkins 2005, DIVORCED 2010.

. Stokely Standiford Churchill CARMICHAEL aka Stokely CARMICHAEL, born June 29, 1944, died November 15, 1998.

First wife: Mariam Makeba, married 1968, DIVORCED 1973.

Second wife: Marlyatou Barry, DIVORCED

. Thomas Richard CARPER, born January 23, 1947.

First wife: Diane Beverly Isaacs, married 1978, DIVORCED 1983, he as second husband.

Second wife: Martha Stacy, married 1985.

. Jon Stevens CORZINE, born January 1, 1947.

First wife: Joanne Dougherty, married 1969, DIVORCED 2003.

mistress: Carla A. Katz, April 2002-August 2004, her previous husband Larry McKim.

Second wife: Sharon Elghannayan, November 23, 2010.

. Paul Franklin CROUCH, Jr, born March 13, 1959.

married Tawny Dryden 1980, DIVORCED 2007.

. Joni Kay CULVER, born July 1, 1970.

married Gail Ernst 1992, DIVORCED January 2019, he previously married to Ingrid Nesbit, ended in DIVORCE.

Andrew Mark CUOMO, born December 6, 1957.

First wife: Kerry Kennedy, married 1990, separated 2003, DIVORCED 2005.

mistress: Sandra Lee Christiansen [first husband Bruce Karatz, married 2001, DIVORCED 2005], domestic partner 2005, separated 2019; parents multiple DIVORCES.

. Dinesh Joseph D' SOUZA, born April 25, 1961.

First wife: Dixie Brubaker, married 1992, DIVORCED 2012.

mistress to 2012.

Second wife: Debbie Fancher, married 2016, she previously married, father of US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) officiating.

. Mitchell Elias DANIELS, Jr, born Apr 7, 1949.

First/second wife: Cheri Herman, married 1978, DIVORCED 1993, remarried 1997, after she married and DIVORCED in between her marriages to Daniels.

. Mark DAYTON, born January 26, 1947.

First wife: Alida Ferry Rockefeller 1978, DIVORCED 1986.

Second wife: Janice R. Haarstick 1996, DIVORCED 1999.

. Scott Eugene DESJARLAIS, born February 21, 1964.

First wife: Susan, DIVORCED 2000.

Second wife: Amy, married 2002.

. Louis Carl DOBBS, born September 24, 1945.

First wife:  married 1969, DIVORCED 1981.

Second wife: Debi Lee Segura.

. Robert Joseph DOLE, born July 22, 1923.

First wife: Phyllis Holden, married 1948, DIVORCED 1972.

Second wife: Elizabeth Hanford, married 1975.

. William Orville DOUGLAS, born October 16, 1898, died January 19, 1980.

First wife: Mildred Riddle, married Aug 16, 1923, DIVORCED July 20, 1953.

Second wife: Mercedes Hester Davidson, married December 14, 1954, DIVORCED 1963.

Third wife: Joan Martin, married 1963, he aged 64, she aged 23, DIVORCED 1966.

Fourth wife: Cathleen Heffeman, she aged 22, married July 15, 1966.

. Marie-Jos'ee DROUIN, born September 11, 1949.

linked to Jean-Pierre Goyer 1970s.

First husband: Charles Dutoit, married 1982, DIVORCED.

Second husband: Henry Kravits, married 1994, as his third wife.

. Michael Edward DUGGAN, born July 15, 1958.

married Mary Loretto "Lori" Maher, DIVORCED September 17, 2019.

. Ainsley EARHARDT, born September 20, 1976.

First husband: Kevin McKinney, married 2005, DIVORCED 2009.

Second husband: Will Proctor, married 2012, filed for DIVORCE 2018.

. Johnny Reid "John" EDWARDS, born June 10, 1953.

married Elizabeth Anania, 1977, died Dec 7, 2010.

mistress Rielle Hunter, from before birth of their daughter 2008.

wife legally separated from him early 2010, intended to DIVORCE, but died.

. Ralph Waldo ELLISON, born March 1, 1914, died April 16, 1994 (dad d 1916, mom married 3 more times).

married Rosa "Rose" Araminta Poindexter 1938, probably DIVORCED 1943.

mistress Sanora Babb 1941.

. Mike ENOCH, born 1977  (parents DIVORCED when he was young).

separated from wife near or after 2017.

. John Eric ENSIGN, born March 25, 1958.

married Darlene Sciaetta, DIVORCED 2019.

. Daniel Kirkwood "Kirk" FORDICE Jr, born February 10, 1934, died September 7, 2004.

First wife: Patricia Owens, married 1955, DIVORCED 1999.

mistress Ann G. Cresson, to 1999.

Second wife: Ann G. Creson, married 2000, DIVORCED 2003.

. Jacob Lawrence FREY, born July 23, 1981,

First wife: Michelle Lilienthal, married 2009, DIVORCED 2014.

Second wife: Sarah Clarke, married 2016.

. Booth GARDNER, born August 21, 1936, died March 15, 2013 (parents DIVORCED when he was young).

First wife: Jean, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Cynthia, DIVORCED.

. James Arthur GIBBONS, born December 16, 1944.

married Dawn Snelling, married 1985, DIVORCED July 21, 2010.

. Newt GINGRICH - see Newton Leroy McPherson.

. Rudolph William Louis "Rudy" GIULIANI, born May 28, 1944.

First wife: Regina Peruggi, married 1968, DIVORCED 1982.

Second wife: Donna Hanover, married 1984, DIVORCED 2002.

Third wife: Judith Nathan, married 2003, DIVORCED 2019, he as her third husband.

. Dianne Emiel GOLDMAN, born June 22, 1933.

First husband: Jack Berman, married 1956, DIVORCED 1959.

Second husband: Bertram Feinstein, married 1962, died 1978.

Third husband: Richard C. Blum, married 1980.

. Alan GREENSPAN, born March 6, 1926 (parents DIVORCED).

First wife: Joan Mitchell, married 1952, ANNULMENT in less than one year.

Second wife: Andrea Mitchell, married 1997 by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

. Deborah Ann GREER, born April 29, 1950.

First husband: Dennis Stabenow, married before 1990, probably DIVORCED.

Second husband: Tom Athans, married 2000, DIVORCED 2010.

. Stephanie Ann GRISHAM, see Stephanie Ann Allen.

. James Gordon "Bo" GRITZ, born January 18, 1939.

married Judy, DIVORCED.

married name not given, DIVORCED.

married Claudia 1984, DIVORCED.

Fourth wife: Judy, married 1999.

Kimberly GUILFOYLE, born March 9, 1969.

First husband: Gavin Newsom, married 2001, DIVORCED 2006, she as first wife. (see Gavin Newsom).

Second husband: Eric Villency, married 2006, DIVORCED 2009.

. Jeffrey Russell "Jeff" HALL, born November 21, 1978, d May 1, 2011, 4 am, shot by 10 year old son Joseph.

First wife: Leticia Neal, DIVORCED about 2000, she had twins after by another father.

Second wife: Krista McCary.

. Charles Oliver HAND aka Brett HALSEY, born June 20, 1933.

First wife: Renate Hoy, married 1954, DIVORCED 1959.

Second wife: Luciana Paluzzi, married 1960, DIVORCED 1962.

Third wife: Heidi Bruehl, married 1964, DIVORCED 1976.

Fourth wife: Victoria Korda.

. Kamala Devi HARRIS, born October 20, 1964 (parents DIVORCED when she about 11)

married Douglas Emhoff August 22, 2015, she as his second wife.

Peter Brian HEGSETH, born June 6, 1980.

First wife: Meredith Schwartz, married 2004, DIVORCED 2009.

Second wife: Samantha Deering, married 2010, DIVORCED Aug, 2017.

mistress: Jennifer Rauchet, daughter born August, 2017.

Third wife: Jennifer Rauchet, married 2019, he as her second husband.

. Matthew Warren HEIMBACH, born April 8, 1991.

married Brooke Parrott, DIVORCED, after his affair with her mother became known.

. Katherine Lauren HILL, born August 25, 1987.

married Kenny Heslep 2010, DIVORCED 2019.

relationship with Alex Thomas, from before July, 2019.

Eleanor K. HOLMES, born June 13, 1937.

married Edward Norton 1965, DIVORCED 1993.

. David Joel HOROWITZ, born January 10, 1939.

First wife: Elissa Krauthamer, married June 14, 1959, probably DIVORCED.

Second wife: Sam Moorman, DIVORCED.

Third wife: Shay Marlowe, married June 24, 1990, DIVORCED.

Fourth wife: April Mullvain.

. Elizabeth Ann Herring, born June 22, 1949.

First husband: James Robert "Jim" Warren, married 1968, DIVORCED 1978.

Second husband: Bruce H. Mann, married July 12, 1980.

Juliet Ann Marie HUDDY, born September 27, 1969.

First or Second husband: 2003-2004, DIVORCED.

Third husband: Doug Barrett, married for 4 months, by Judge Janine (see Jeanine Ferris Pirro), DIVORCED June 18, 2009.

Fourth husband: John Fattoruso.

. H. Guy HUNT, born June 17, 1933, died January 30, 2009.

First wife: Helen Chambers, married February 25, 1951, probably DIVORCED.

Second wife: Anne Smith.

. Young Timothy HUTCHINSON, born August 11, 1949.

First wife: Donna Jean King, married 1970, DIVORCED 1999.

Second wife: Randi Fredholm, married 2000.

. David John Cawdell IRVING, born March 24, 1938 (dad severed all ties with family 1942).

married Maria del Pilar Stuyck 1961, DIVORCED 1981.

. Michael ISIKOFF, born May 12, 1952.

First wife: Lisa Stein, probably DIVORCED.

Second wife: Mary Ann Akers, married 2007.

. Kay Ellen IVEY, born October 15, 1944.

First husband: Ben La Ravia, DIVORCED.

Second husband:DIVORCED.

. Gary Earl JOHNSON, born January 1, 1953.

married Denise Simms 1977, DIVORCED 2005.

. Marguerite Annie JOHNSON, see Maya Angelou.

. Alexander Emric/Emerick "Alex" JONES, born February 11, 1974.

First wife: Kelley Rebecca "Violet", married 2007, DIVORCED 2015.

Second wife: Ejna, massage therapist, probably DIVORCED.

Third wife: Erika Wulff, Austin escort, m January 2017, she with child; used her services since 2013.

Other woman, numerous abortions,  requested by Alex.

. Alfred KAZIN, born June 5, 1915, died June 5, 1998.

First wife: name not given, probably DIVORCED.

Second wife: name not given, probably DIVORCED.

Third wife: Ann Birstein, married 1952, DIVORCED 1982.

Fourth wife: Judith Dunford.

. Megyn Marie KELLY, born November 18, 1970.

First husband: Daniel Kendall, married 2001, DIVORCED 2006.

Second husband: Douglas Brunt, married 2008.

. Aimee Elizabeth KENNEDY, born October 9, 1890, died September 27, 1944.

First husband: Robert Semple, married 1908, died 1910.

Second husband: Harold McPherson, m 1912, DIVORCED 1921.

Third husband: David Hutton, married 1931, DIVORCED 1934.

. James Francis KENNEY, born August 7, 1958.

married Maureen, DIVORCED 2018

started dating Letitia Santarelli 2015, engaged Dec 2019. 

. John Forbes KERRY, born December 11, 1943.

First wife: Julia THORNE, married 1970, DIVORCED 1988.

Second wife: Teresa Heinz, married 1995.

. Angus Stanley KING, Jr, born Mar 31, 1944.

First wife: Edith C. Hazard, also given as Edie Birney, DIVORCED 1982.

Second wife: Mary Herman, married 1984.

. James C. KIRKPATRICK, born June 15, 1905, died December 26, 1997.

First wife: Jessamine Young, probably DIVORCED.

Second wife: Doris Houx.

. Heinz Alfred aka Henry KISSINGER, born May 27, 1923, died January 20, 1977.

First wife: Ann Fleischer, married 1949, DIVORCED 1964.

Second wife: Nancy Sharon Maginnes, married March 30, 1974.

. William Ingraham KOCH, born May 3, 1940.

First wife: Joan Granlund, married 1994, DIVORCED.

mistress Catherine de Castelbajac

Second wife: Angela Browder Gauntt, married 1996, DIVORCED 2000.

Third wife: Bridget Rooney, married 2005.

. Sandor Laszio KELLNER aka Sir Alexander KORDA, born September 16, 1893, died January 23, 1956.

First wife: Maria Forkas, married 1919, DIVORCED 1930.

Second wife: Merle Oberon, married 1939, DIVORCED 1945.

Third wife: Alexandria Boycun, married 1953.

. Kellner Zoltan KORDA, born June 3, 1895, died October 13, 1961.

First wife: Olly Szokolay, married 1921, DIVORCED 1924.

Second wife: Joan Gardner, married 1930.

. Henry R. KRAVITS, born January 6, 1944.

First Wife: Helene Diane "Hedi" Shulman, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Carolyne Jane Smith aka Roehm, married 1985, DIVORCED 1993.

Third wife: Marie-Jos'ee Drouin.

. Lawrence Alan "Larry" KUDLOW, born August 20, 1947.

First wife: Nancy Gerstein, married 1974, DIVORCED 1975.

Second Wife: Susan Cullman Sicher, DIVORCED.

Third wife: Judith Pond, married 1986.

. William Moses KUNSTLER, born July 7, 1919, died September 4, 1995.

First wife: Lotte, probably DIVORCED.

Second wife: Margaret (her previous husband Michael Ratner, probably DIVORCED).

Howard Alan KURTZ, born August 1, 1953.

First wife: Mary Tallmer, married 1979.

Second wife: Sheri Annis, married 2003 to 2018.

. William M. "Sonny" LANDHAM, born February 11, 1941, died August 17, 2017.married 5 times, names not given.

. David Eden LANE, born November 2, 1938, died May 28, 2007.

First wife: Mary Lou, probably DIVORCED.

Second wife: Katja Maddox, married 1994.

. Frank Raleigh LAUTENBERG, born January 23, 1924, died Jun 3, 2013.

First wife: Lois Levenson, married 1956, DIVORCED 1988.

Second wife: Bonnie Englebardt, married 2004, married before.

. Tamara "Tammy" Faye LaVALLEY, born March 7, 1942, died July 20, 2007.

First husband: Jim Bakker, married April 1, 1961, DIVORCED Mar 13, 1992.

Second husband: Roe Messner, married 1993.

. Joseph Isadore LEIBERMAN, born February 24, 1942.

First wife: Betty Hass, married 1965, DIVORCED 1981.

Second wife: Hadessah Freilich, married 1982, her 1/h Ethan Tucker.

. Rush Hudson LIMBAUGH III, born January 12, 1951.

First wife: Roxy Maxine McNeely, married 1977, DIVORCED 1980.

Second wife: Michelle Sixta, college student, married 1983, DIVORCED 1990.

Third wife: Marta Fitzgerald, married 1994, at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas house (see Clarence Thomas), separated June 11, 2004, DIVORCED finalized December, 2004.

mistress: Daryn Kagan, September 2004-February 2006.

Fourth wife: Kathryn Roger, married 2010.

Michael James "My Pillow Guy" LINDELL, born June 28, 1961.

First wife: Karen Dickey, married May 9, 1987, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Dallas Yocum, married June 8, 2013, DIVORCED 2 weeks later.

. Gary LOCKE, born January 21, 1950.

First wife: name not given, DIVORCED 1970s.

Second wife: Mona Lee, married 1994, DIVORCED 2015.

. Raymond Edwin MABUS, Jr, born October 11, 1948.

First wife: Julie Hines, married 1987, DIVORCED 2000.

Second wife: Lyne Horecky, married 2007.

. Andrew MACDONALD, see William Luther Pierce III.

. Zenzile Miriam MAKEBA, born March 4, 1932, died November 9, 2008.

First husband: James Kubay, married 1949, probably DIVORCED.

Second husband: Hugh Masekela, married 1963, probably DIVORCED 1968.

. Omar Mir Seddique aka Omar MATEEN, born November 16, 1986, died June 12, 2016.

First wife: Sitora Alisherzoda Yusufiy, married April, 2009, separated after 4 months, DIVORCED July, 2011.

Second wife: Noor Zahi Sulman, married September 29, 2011 (she previously married to Ahmed Abu-Rahma, June 8, 2005 to February 26, 2010).

. Robert Jay MATTHEWS, born January 16, 1953, died December 8, 1984.

married Debbie McGarify 1976.

mistress Zillah Craig.

. Elizabeth McCAUGHEY, born October 20, 1948.

First husband: Thomas K. McCaughey, married 1972, DIVORCED 1994.

Second Husband: Wilbur Ross, married 1995, he filed for DIVORCE 2000.

Third husband: Paul Batista, married 2018. 

. Addison Mitchell "Mitch" McCONNELL Jr, born February 20, 1942.

First wife: Sherrill Redman, married 1968, DIVORCED 1980.

Second wife: Elaine Chae, married 1993.

. Aimee Semple McPHERSON, see Aimee Elizabeth Kennedy.

. Newton Leroy [Gingrich] McPHERSON, born June 17, 1943.

First wife: Jackie Battley, married 1962, DIVORCED 1981.

Second wife: Marianne Ginther, married 1981, DIVORCED 2000.

mistress: Calista Bisek, 1993-1999.

Third wife: Calista Bisek, married 2000, she the current (2020) Ambassador to the Vatican.

. Martha McSally, born March 22, 1966.

married Donald Frederick Henry 1997, ANNULLED 1999. 

. Robert MENENDEZ, born January 1, 1954.

married Jane Jacobsen 1976, DIVORCED 2005.

engaged to Nadine Arslanian October, 2019.

. Rebekah MERCER, born December 6, 1973.

married Sylvain Mirochnikoff 2003, reported DIVORCING 2017.

. Keith Rupert MURDOCK, born March 11, 1931, Australia.

First wife: Patricia Booker, married 1956, DIVORCED 1967.

Second wife: Anna [Murdock Mann], married 1967, DIVORCED 1999, she married as second husband 1999 William Mann.

Third wife: Wendi Deng, married 1999, DIVORCED 2013, he as 2/h, Jake Cherry her first husband married 1990, DIVORCED 1992 or 1993.

Fourth wife: Jerry Hall, married 2016.

. Peter Kent NAVARRO, born July 15, 1949, parents DIVORCED, he about 10 years old.

married Leslie Lebon, 2001, she married before, she filed for DIVORCE late 2018.

. Benjamin NETANYAHU, born October 21, 1949.

First wife: Miram Weizmann, married 1972, DIVORCED 1978

friendship 1976 with Katherine Price-Mondadori for 20 years.

mistress: Fleur Cates, while Miriam was with child, 1978.

Second wife: Fleur Cates, married 1981- converted to Judaism, DIVORCED 1984.

Third wife: Sarah Ben-Artzi, married 1991.

mistress: Ruth Bar, 1993.

. Arthel NEVILLE, born October 20, 1962.

First husband: Derrick Lassic, married 1995, DIVORCED 1998.

Second husband: Taku Hirano, married 2001.

Gavin NEWSOM, born October 10, 1967, parents DIVORCED 1972.

First wife: Kimberly Guilfoyle, married 2001, DIVORCED 2006.

mistress: Ruby Rippey-Tork, 2007.

Second wife: Jennifer Siebel, married 2008.

. Robert David Sanders "Bob" NOVAK, born February 26, 1931, died August 16, 2009.

First wife: Rosanna Hall, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Geraldine Williams, married 1962.

William James "Bill" O' REILLY Jr, born September 10, 1949.

married Maureen McPhilmy 1996, DIVORCED 2011.

. Clemont Leroy "Butch" OTTER. born May 3, 1942.

First wife: Gay Simplot, married 1964, DIVORCED 1992.

Second wife: Lori Easley, married 2006.

. Luciana PALUZZI, born June 10, 1937.

First husband: Brett Halsey, married 1960, probably DIVORCED 1962.

Second husband: Michael Jay Solomon, married 1980.

. Michael Isaac Peinovich, see Mike ENOCH.

Uma PEMMARAJU, born Mar 31, 1958, India.


Ralph PETERS aka Owen Parry, born April 19, 1952.

First wife: Janice Stickler, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Marion Ann Martin, DIVORCED.

Third wife: Katherine McIntire, married 1994.

. Charles Willis "Chip" PICKERING, Jr, born August 10, 1963.

married Leisha Jane, DIVORCED.

. William Luther PIERCE III, born September 11, 1933, died July 23, 2002.

First wife: Patricia Jones, married 1957, DIVORCED 1982.

Second wife: Elizabeth Prestel, married 1982, DIVORCED 1985.

Third wife: Olga Skerlecz, married 1986, DIVORCED 1990.

Fourth wife: Zsuzsannah, married 1991, DIVORCED 1996.

Fifth wife: Irena, married 1997.

. Valerie PLAME, born August 13, 1963.

First husband: Todd Sesler, DIVORCED 1989.

Second husband: Joseph C. Wilson, married April 3, 1998 (he separated from his second wife Jacqueline, DIVORCED after 12 years to marry Valerie), DIVORCED 2017.

. Michael Richard POMPEO, born December 30, 1963.

First wife: Leslie Libert, married 1986, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Susan Justice Mostrous.

. Robert Roger "Rob" PORTER, born October 25, 1977.

First wife: Colbie Holderness, married 2003, DIVORCED 2008.

Second wife: Jennie Willoughby, married 2009, DIVORCED 2013.

. Erik Dean PRINCE, born June 6, 1969 (brother of Betsy DeVos).

First wife: Joan, married 1991, died 2003.

Second wife: Joanna Houck, married 2004, DIVORCED 2012.

Third wife: Stacy De Luke.

. Mark PRYOR, born January 10, 1963.

First wife: Jill, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Joi.

. Patrick Joseph "Pat" QUINN, Jr, born December 16, 1948.

married Julie Hancock 1982, DIVORCED 1986.

. Bruce Vincent RAUNER, born February 18, 1956 (parents DIVORCED, both remarried).

First wife: Elizabeth Conker Wessel, married February 18, 1956, DIVORCED 1993.

Second wife: Diana Mendley, married 1994.

. Ronald Wilson REAGAN, born February 6, 1911, died June 5, 2004.

First wife: Jane Wyman, married 1940, DIVORCED 1949.

Second wife: Nancy Davis, married 1952.

.Nelson ROCKEFELLER, born July 8, 1908, died January 26, 1979.

First wife: Mary Todhunter "Tod" Clark, married June 23, 1930, DIVORCED Mar 16, 1962.

Second wife: Margaretta Large Fitler, married 1963 (aka "Happy" Murphy?).

. Rodman Clark ROCKEFELLER, born May 2, 1932.

First wife: Barbara Ann Olson, married 1953, DIVORCED 1979.

Second wife: Sascha von Metzler, married 1980.

. Steven Clark ROCKEFELLER, born Apr 19, 1936.

First wife: Anne-Marie Rasmussen, DIVORCED.

Second wife: name not given, DIVORCED.

Third wife: Barbara Bellows, married 1991.

. Winthrop ROCKEFELLER, born May 1, 1912, died February 22, 1973.

First wife: Jievute "Bobo" Paulekiute, married 1956, DIVORCED 1954.

(Bobo related to me, see "Woodworth Family Tree" on Ancestry.com)

Second wife: Jeannette Edris, married 1956, DIVORCED 1971.

. George Lincoln ROCKWELL, born March 9, 1918, died Aug 25, 1967, parents DIVORCED he age 6.

First wife: Judith Aultman, married Apr 24, 1943, DIVORCED 1953.

Second wife: Margret Boras Hallgrimsson, married October 3, 1953, DIVORCED 1963, she remarried 1963.

. Elizabeth "Betsy" Ross, see Elizabeth McCaughey.

. Wilbur Louis ROSS, Jr, born November 28, 1937.

First wife: Judith Nodine, married 1961, DIVORCED 1995.

Second wife: Betsy McCaughey, married 1995, DIVORCED 2000.

Third wife: Hilary Geary, married October 9, 2004.

Karl Christian ROVE, born December 25, 1950.

First wife: Valerie Mather Wainwright, married July 10, 1976, DIVORCED 1980.
Second wife: Darby Tara Hickson, married January 1986, DIVORCED 2009.
Third wife: Karen Johnson, married 2012, attended by George W. Bush and Steve Wynn.

. Gerald Michael Riviera aka Geraldo RIVERA, born July 4, 1943.

First wife: Linda Coblentz, married 1965, DIVORCED 1969.

Second wife: Edith Vonnegut, married 1971, DIVORCED 1975.

Third wife: Sherryl Raymond, married 1976, DIVORCED 1984.

Fourth wife: C. C. Dyer, married 1987, DIVORCED 2000.

Fifth wife: Erica Michelle Levy, married 2003.

. BERNARD "Bernie" SANDERS, born September 8, 1941.

First wife: Deborah Shiling Messing, DIVORCED 1966.

mistress: Susan Campbell Mott.

Second wife: Jane O' Meara Driscoll (nee Mary Jane O' Meara), married May 28, 1988.

. Brian Edward SANDOVAL, born August 5, 1963.

First wife: Kathleen Teipner, married 1990, DIVORCED 2018.

Second wife: Lauralyn McCarthy, married 2018.

. Peter Franz SCHWEIZER, born November 24, 1962.

First wife: Rochelle, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Rhonda, married 2013, she previously married.

. Roberta SEMPLE, born September 17, 1910.

First husband: married about 1931, DIVORCED about 1934.

Second husband: Harry Salter, married 1941.

. John Richard "Jack" or "J. R." SIMPLOT, born January 4, 1909, died May 25, 2008.

First wife: Ruby Adeline Roseyear, married 1931, DIVORCED 1960.

Second wife: Esther Becker, married 1972.

. Scott SIMPLOT, born 1947.

married, name not given, DIVORCED.

. Upton Beall SINCLAIR, Jr, born September 20, 1878, died November 25, 1968.

First wife: Meta Fuller, married 1900, DIVORCED 1911.

Second and third wife died.

. Kyrsten Lea SINEMA, born July 12, 1976.

married Blake Dain, DIVORCED.

. John SINGER, born January 6, 1931, died January 18, 1979 (parents DIVORCED 1945).

First wife: Vickie Lemon married 1965.

Second wife: Shuley Black, as her second husband, still married to first husband (Mormon), her first husband won custody of his children.

. Stephen F. SISOLAK, born December 26, 1953.

First wife: Lori "Dallas" Garland, married 1987, DIVORCED 2000.

Second wife: Kathy Ong, married 2018.

. Michael Jay SOLOMON, born January 20, 1938.

First wife: Barbara Gottlieb, married 1964, probably DIVORCED 1972.

Second wife: Lucianna Paluzzi, married 1979.

. Sonia SOTOMAYOR, born June 25, 1954.

married Kevin Noonan 1976, DIVORCED 1983.

. Jacklyn Sheryl SPECKTOR, born August 2, 1957.

First husband: Llyod Dean Neher, DIVORCED.

Second husband: Larry Rosen, married 1993.

. Richard Bertrand SPENCER, born 1978.

married Nina Kouprianova 2010, DIVORCED 2018. 

. David Curtiss "Steve" STEPHENSON, born August 21, 1891, died June 28, 1966.

First wife: Nettie Hamilton, probably abandoned.

Second wife: Violet Carroll, probably abandoned.

Third wife: Martha Dickenson.

Fourth wife: Martha Murray Sutton.

. Adlai Ewing STEVENSON II, born February 5, 1900, died July 14, 1965.

married Ellen Borden 1928, DIVORCED 1949.

. Roger Joseph aka Roger Jason STONE, born August 27, 1952.

First wife: Anne Wesche, married 1974, DIVORCED 1990.

Second wife: Nydia Beertran, married 1992.

. Richard Bertrand SPENCER, born 1978.

married Nina Kouprianova, DIVORCED 2018.

.Edith Ann TARBOX aka "E. D." Hill aka Donahey.

First husband: Marc Philip Weill, married 1989, DIVORCED 1995.

Second husband: J. David Donahey, DIVORCED.

Third husband: married 2002.

. Clarence THOMAS, born June 23, 1948.

First wife: Kathy Ambush, married 1971, separated 1981, DIVORCED 1984.

Second wife: Virginia Lamp, married 1987.

Rex Wayne TILLERSON, born March 23, 1952.

First wife: Jamie Lee Henry, DIVORCED.

Second wife: Renda St Clair, married 1986, he as her second husband.

​. Donald John TRUMP Sr, born June 14, 1946.

First wife: Ivana Zelnickova, married 1977, DIVORCED 1992.

Second wife: Maria Maples, married 1993, DIVORCED 1999.

Third wife: Melania Knauss, married 2006.

. Donald John TRUMP Jr, born December 31, 1977.

married Vanessa Haydon 2005, DIVORCED 2018.

. Kwame TURE, see Stokeley CARMICHAEL.

. Sylvester TURNER, born September 27, 1954

married Cheryl 1983, DIVORCED 1991.

. Elizabeth WARREN, see Elizabeth Ann Herring.

. George Corley WALLACE Jr, born August 25, 1919, died September 13, 1998.

First wife: Lurleen Brigham Burns, married May 22, 1943, died 1968.

Second wife: Cornelia Ellis, married as Snively January 4, 1971, DIVORCED 1978, he as second husband, her first husband John Snively III, married 1962, DIVORCED 1970.

Third wife: Lisa Taylor, married September 9, 1981, DIVORCED 1987.

. George Corley WALLACE III, born October 17, 1951.

First wife: Angela Dawn Shoemaker.

Second wife: Elizabeth Grimes Maynor, previously married.

. Gretchen Esther WHITMER, born  August 23, 1971, parents DIVORCED when 10 years old.

First husband: Gary Shrewsbury, DIVORCED.

Second husband: Marc Mallory, married 2011, she as second wife.

. Kate WIDLAND, born October 21, 1981.

married Ruben Gallego 2010, DIVORCED 2017.

. Ronald Lee WYDEN, born May 3, 1949.

First wife: Laurie Oseran, married 1979, DIVORCED 1999?

Second wife: Nancy Bass, married 2005.

. David WU, born April 8, 1955.

married Michell Maxine 1996, DIVORCED.

. Stephen Alan (nee Weinberg) WYNN, born January 27, 1942.

First wife: Elaine Farrell Pascal, married 1963, DIVORCED 1986, remarried 1991, DIVORCED again 2010.

Second wife: Andrea Danenza Hissom, married April 30, 2011.

. Ernst ZUENDEL, born April 24, 1939, died Aug 5, 2017.

First wife: Janick Larouche, married 1959, DIVORCED 1975.

Second wife: Irene Margarelli, married 1996, DIVORCED 1997.

Third wife: Ingrid Rimland, married 2001.



Consult the Atlas

Monday, Nov 21, 1994

I consider myself relatively up to date on current events. However, I didn't realize that the Bosnian-Serb conflict has spread like wildfire and now extends into Lithuania. Unless, alas, another editorial page molder of public opinion, B. J. Cutler, in his article "Rejuvenated Muslims make gains in Baltics," has joined most of his colleagues in flunking geography. WWI started in the Balkans. The Balkans were once part of the Ottoman Empire of Muslim Turkey. The current Bosnian-Serb conflict is a continuing result of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans. Estonia, Latvia  and Lithuania comprise the Baltics. Temporary gains by the Muslims or the Orthodox, or by whomever, in the Balkans do not apply to the Baltics. Picky? Not when you have Baltic heritage. How long would a writer's opinion and views be valued if he stated that there was great joy in the world when the Great Wall of Berlin was torn down, and China was finally unified? Attention, opinion writers! Use your atlas! If still confused Burlington County schools have excellent courses in Geography 101!


Don't confuse Pilgrims with Puritans

Friday, Aug 6, 1999

Faye Zuckerman more than correctly criticizes the new TV sitcom, "Thanks," as bottom of the barrel (BCT, Aug 2). Zuckerman was exceedingly kind in her criticism. She states the series centers around the 1621 general store. I really don't think there was a general store in 1621. During the winter of 1620-21, half of the Mayflower passengers died. There was no assurance of survival for the rest in 1621. In this context, the sitcom's use of a dental office is difficult to fathom. Also, there were not many little girls around to be accused of being witches, should the Pilgrims have had the time to do so. The Puritans in 1690 Salem had the time.

   The Mayflower passengers were Pilgrims and established Plymouth Colony. The Puritans came over in the 1630s and established Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Pilgrims' Mayflower Compact is the basis for American democracy. These are two different groups constantly used interchangeably, as in the TV Tonight article. Although Massachusetts absorbed Plymouth in 1690, that did not turn Pilgrims into Puritans!

   I can only hope that the sitcom "Thanks" is pulled before untold damage is done. I hope that this is the last letter I have to write explaining the difference between Pilgrim and Puritan. After all, it's been almost 400 years! - Harry G Woodworth, member, New Jersey Society of Mayflower Descendants, Willingboro

POCONO RECORD, YOUR OPINION - More on Waves for Power: Tuesday, August 14, 2001

Editor, the Record

   A recent letter writer asks why we cannot harness the oceans for power. I came across an article about using the ocean for power that was published a century ago. The article's headline reads: "Waves to Furnish Power - A New Scheme to Make Old Ocean Work." It recounts the efforts of two directors of the "Liquefied Air Cremation and Consuming Company and the Sea Power Company," who incorporated in South Dakota with a total of $11 million. They incorporated in South Dakota because there was greater latitude there in the granting of charters. The directors believed the Long Island and New England coasts would furnish 10 times the power as Niagara Falls. They hoped to dig artificial channels on rocky shores where the surf is heavy. The waves would be forced up the channels, and the water stored in reservoirs.

   They hoped to use the first power they developed to manufacture liquefied air. They predicted a day when the elevated and surface cars of New York would run on motive power generated by the waves along the Long Island coast. They hoped to introduce the method on the Pacific coast, as well as the mid-Atlantic and New England coasts. The article is date January 25, 1900. Do you think this might help the letter writer a little in trying to understand why the oceans haven't been harnessed for power?


Heroes lived among us, even before cameras recorded them.

Sunday, December 2, 2001

   One cannot be unmoved watching our flag being raised at ground zero. A most proper connection was made to the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. The names of those at Iwo are known to historians, and hopefully the names of those at the tragedy Sept 11 are known and will join the former in the history books. These events are milestones in the history of our nation, rallying points that focused needed efforts to defeat those who would destroy our country. What of the age before pictures? Did such heroes exist  and we do not remember them because there are no pictures to look at? Yes, they did, and I wish to remember one now by the name of Lt. Joseph Donovan.

   Donovan was born in London, England, about 1835, and came to the United States as a boy, settling in the vicinity of Elizabeth. He was an orphan. At the outbreak of the Civil War, he volunteered and served as first Lieutenant of Company A, Second New Jersey Volunteers, which recruited men principally from Elizabeth, under the command of Capt. James Wilson. Donovan served throughout the war, and was severely wounded. In one battle, the company's flag was in danger, and, being the last of the guard of seven, who had defended it, at the risk of his life he secured the highly-prized emblem, and wrapping it about his body, saving it from falling into the hands of the Confederates.

   The act was considered one of the most heroic which was performed during the rebellion and won the praise and admiration of the veterans. The flag was in possession of Donovan at the time of his death. This information came from his obituary of Oct. 5, 1901, headlined "He was the last of a brave color guard" and "Flag he saved from enemy to be on his casket." We have no pictures of what Donovan did that day, but his heroic act was remembered for the next 35 years. What Donovan protected in the heat of battle protected him on his final day. This man who began life as a London orphan could say then, "I am an American!" We can call him hero.

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

March, 2010

If charge cards are so safe, why did I suddenly get a replacement card without asking because my (and others?) present one was just compromised?

Friday, April 9, 2010

TV commercials urge us to tell our doctors what medications we are taking. Strange. Not only do my docs already know, they prescribe them.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Public monies for public schools. Private monies for private schools. Period.

Thursday, August 29, 2010

After watching how the oil is being cleaned up along Gulf Coast beaches, why doesn't NJ donate now extra goose poopy scoopies? Same method.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Listening to the side effects of approved medication on TV, I am convinced that so-called death panel really does exist. It's called the FDA.


Smoke and light bulbs

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don McCabe of Delran had a spot-on discussion in his letter to the editor on what the new light bulbs will and will not do ("Shining a light on new bulb," July 14). Other than one slight error - it was not President Barack Obama but President George W Bush who passed this law - there are two points that he missed which I believe are significant. They were printed on the box that I and all Willingboro residents got in the mail last year.

   Paraphrasing from the box: As the bulb approaches the end of its life, it will begin to smoke and then emit an obnoxious odor; but, not to worry, it's supposed to do that. Not wanting to buck the wave of the future, I took my free light bulb and installed it on my front porch. I just hope that when it starts smoking, nobody calls the fire department on me.

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why do columnists Star Parker and Deroy Murdock support the tea party? They become unemployed at the best if the party wins.


Praising Christie for efforts with Hurricane Irene

Thursday, October 13, 2011

All the attention toward Gov. Chris Christie has been about if he will or if he won't  declare his candidacy for the upcoming presidential race. I haven't seen anything in the papers that properly thanks him for the outstanding job he did preparing NJ for Hurricane Irene. I do not agree with some of the things he does as governor, in fact, a lot of things. However, credit must be given where credit is due.

   Christie did much more in preparation for Irene than just telling people to get off the beach, which was the only thing heard after Irene passed. His coordination with state and federal officials is a textbook example of what a governor should do in preparing for what could become an historic disaster. The governor was indeed fortunate to be working with FEMA Irene and not FEMA Katrina, and had the latest accurate advancements in hurricane tracking available from the National Hurricane Center. The governor used all that was available to him, and made decisions that surpassed labels such as Democrat and Republican, I am personally grateful that the governor told the few federal officials who wanted to hold back any recovery monies for political advantage where to get off, and it wasn't the beach. Any criticism heard after the storm was from those who faired fairly well, and I'm sure the governor can live with that.

   I believe Christie, along with other federal and state officials, should definitely receive a presidential award for protecting the people of NJ the best that anyone could have done from Irene's visit from the tropics.

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Monday, February 6, 2012

Did I miss release of the Republican presidential candidates' birth certificates? Were they mixed in with their tax returns? Well, I wouldn't believe them anyway.

Friday, Apr 20, 2012

Reading about presidential candidate Mitt Romney's latest views on women, Mrs. Romney and doggie Seamus might be trading places on the next road trip.

Monday, April 30, 2012

If George Zimmerman left the police station that night in Arizona instead of Florida, he might have been pulled over as a possible illegal alien.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I propose a new law for politicians who suddenly switch parties. Automatic resignation, with replacements selected from party originally elected to that office.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey, columnist Kathryn Lopez: I read your commentary on politics, June 12, where you mentioned "future first lady" Ann Romney. Nice try!

Friday, July 6, 2012

If you want to come out of an economic slump, you do not cut spending or taxes to do so. Economics 101.


One party supports sending jobs to China

Friday, July 13, 2012

Past decades have seen the great outsourcing of American jobs, especially to our political opponent and increasingly powerful economic competitor, the Peoples Republic of China. The last few years have also seen the Democrat's opposition party passing law after law attempting to criminalize the nation's Constitutionally protected right to abortion instead of approving needed laws creating domestic work.

   I guess the question is, why were, and are, all these jobs going to Communist China, the world leader in abortions?

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only
Sunday,, August 26, 2012
I see Mitt Romney announced his running mate. I wonder if Romney was as surprised at the choice as others were?


Fracking waste will affect water supply

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Excellent letter written by the Sierra Club's Jeff Tittel on the potential destruction of the water supply in NJ and the region as a result of turning the state into a fracking waste water dump site. Mention might have been made of Josh Fox's movie "Gasland," which all NJ residents should see once, a non-rabble-rousing, to-the-point movie about what has already happened to the water supply in current fracking regions. What has happened there would happen here.

   Mention should have been made that, if legislation is approved allowing NJ to become a fracking waste dump site, regional waters would become increasingly polluted over time, with severe illnesses and the death toll increasing in tandem with the volume of pollution. Again, NJ - nothing but a state-approved dump site.

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How long would those miles-long gas lines be if everyone heeded emergency management and National Weather Service suggestions to fill up before the storm?


Despite crimes, industry not strongly regulated

Thursday, Jan 3, 2013

Have all government controls used to ensure honest business behavior been eliminated? What is evidently just the tip of a very large iceberg, and all very well covered by the Burlington County Times, is that Wall Street financial instruments have become nothing but fiction. Just a method to make millions of dollars per trader, and so complicated that even the head of the Federal Reserve, in the wake of the resulting 2008 worldwide financial collapse, finally admitted he had no idea how they worked, or even what they were.

   Bernie Madoff stole billions of dollars over decades without trading one single share of stock; not one. How could the Internal Revenue Service not notice a discrepancy on tax return capital gains/losses, any and all having to be mentioned on the return, but no trades having actually occurred? Banks receive multi-million-dollar fines for criminal mischief, then go about their business as if nothing happened. A Burlington Township company felony-conspires with other companies and individuals to rig municipal tax lien auctions. A man steals almost $1 million via "first-degree money laundering, theft by deception, four counts of filing false tax returns, and related offenses." The man is homeless. Only two perpetrators from the above examples have received jail time: Madoff and his son, and the son only recently.

   I imagine the rest of these felonious financial folks are still enjoying the "fruits of their labors" and, yes, refusing to pay one more red cent in the income taxes they pay on their finances, at least those that are declared. Should I be worried that the New York Stock Exchange was just sold to an upstart company? I also imagine that the homeless man, perhaps considering himself lucky, will shortly be wearing a new bright-orange wardrobe in his new digs, unlike most of those mentioned above. Where did those needed controls go?

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Read J. D. Mullane's column on what he really wanted for Christmas instead of a sweater. How did he like his sweater?


Town at the center of contentious argument

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nondenominational Christian Mayor Richard Dow of Mount Holly has replaced the non-argumentative moment of silence before the Mount Holly Township Council meetings with his carefully selected, should-please-all prayer, as the moment of silence did. This decision automatically put Mount Holly into the center of contentious arguments and Supreme Court decisions about the mixing of religion with government.

   Whether the mayor's change remains in effect or not, Dow's attempt to please all in attendance was doomed from the first word "father," as there are those who do not pray at all, or begin their prayers with another term, possibly even "mother."

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Sunday, February 24, 2013

John Boener, "weeper" of the House: He opens his mouth and true Americans weep.


Questions have been answered

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why so many questions about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI? As reported by the Associated Press's Rachel Zoll in the Burlington County Times on Feb. 12: "Last June, the pope hired Fox News Channel's former Rome correspondent to help advise Vatican officials on how they should shape their message." Questions answered.

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Sunday, March 10, 2013

How did we go from prescription-drug side effects that might cause dizziness or drowsiness to those that might cause cancer or death?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Many NJ laws have names, the latest being "Moose's Law." I suggest we call the law banning texting while driving "Stupid People's Law."

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Doonesbury is on the cartoon page and Deroy Murdock is on the editorial page. Should be reversed.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Leave it to Congress to exempt air traffic controllers from sequestration so politicians can leave Washington on time for their five-day weekend.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

If you want to instantly stop congressional war-monger talk of invading Middle Eastern countries we haven't yet invaded, re-institute the military draft.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Looks like the tea party lady, in her rush to demonstrate against Chris Christie, grabbed by mistake a non-tea party flag to hold upside down.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Republican Party has now become a synonym for rape. Shouldn't members be disturbed about that, instead of proud?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Guantanamo solution: Send prisoners to $34 million empty, state-of-the-art building in Afghanistan built for U.S. military. Otherwise not wanted, it will be destroyed.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Why wasn't the tea party required to register as a third party or, more properly, as an agent for a foreign power?


Positive changes needed at USPS

Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013

I thought the Postmaster General was supposed to take care of his troops. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe wants to begin shipping alcohol through the mail. He also wants government issued photo IDs (sound familiar?) shown upon delivery. The postmaster also wants to end door-to-door and Saturday delivery (get your canes and walkers out, senior citizens!). Either he's been "testing" his alcohol plan a little too much, or has been drinking too deeply from the well of tea.

   Doesn't he realize all he has to do is help repeal the disastrous law that the 2006 Congress passed, which continues to plunge the Postal Service deeper and deeper into deficit? Of course he does.

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood and Republicans, no difference. Do to Republicans what Egyptian army did to brotherhood, but via ballot, not via Republican-favored Second Amendment method.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Somalian-American al-Qaida terrorist killed in Somalia. Drone? No, by fellow terrorists for being too liberal. Similar treatment of real Republicans by tea party

Thursday, October 3, 2013

If you like the government shutdown, you'll love the only-the-national-parks-are-affected Senate candidate Lonegan.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Legally blind senatorial candidate Lonegan lost his quest to join the Washington establishment. Philosophically deaf, dumb and blind Sen. Cruz, not knowing it, is part.


Voter apathy should have been out front

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Burlington County Times made a mistake putting the Nov. 15 Reality article "No excuse for paltry voter turnout in NJ," by Lenape High School's Ruth Demree, on Page D3. It should have appeared on the front page. It should also be rerun the week before the 2014 election.

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Sunday, December 22, 2013

If the tea part potty-mouths are looking to impeach  someone for dereliction of duty, all they have to do is look in the mirror.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gov. Chris Christie's troubles caused by tea party and its filthy-rich backers. One less "liberal" to worry about next presidential election.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Why is there a great push for young people not to have any health insurance from those who can afford to buy the hospital?


Casting doubt on global warming

Sunday, March 2, 2014

J.D. Mullane's Feb. 3 column casting doubt on global warming was very interesting. I read it on Feb. 23, when that paper and another Burlington County Times newspaper finally peeked out, nice and dry in their plastic protection, from under the melting snow.

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Russian troubles again. American-manned space program depends on Russia. Program ended? Any Americans stranded in space now?

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

S&P 500 hits all-time high, turning millionaires into billionaires, yet they still want to take money from the poor. Sad.

Good riddance, politician Eric Cantor, hater of everything and everyone, especially NJ. Watch out for that doorknob on your way out.


Delayed payments to veterans aren't new

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Much is being said about the current slowness in the distribution of benefits to veterans. Perhaps what I just came across - from a reply to an Ancestry.com member's query about Revolutionary War pensions - might put things into even more perspective.

   "In response to an inquiry I made regarding a pension for someone who served in the Revolutionary War, a lady at the DAR library ,,, stated the following: The pension law to which he would have been eligible to apply for benefits wasn't passed until 1818. And the pension law to which his wife would have been eligible to apply wasn't passed until the 1850s, probably many decades after her death. Although the minor children of the patriot were eligible to apply for unpaid benefits due to their father, all of his children would have been too old to qualify for payments."

   Even the "too old" children of Revolutionary War patriots might actually have died before the pension law applying to them was passed!

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Monday, July 21, 2014

You show me someone who believes that a corporation is a person, and I will show you a very stupid person.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Politicians of yore, masters of alliteration. Politicians today, masters of "illiteration."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Evidently, Doctors Without Borders means Diseases Without Borders.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What will become extinct first? The African elephant or the Republican elephant?


Kids in sports

Tuesday, December 13,  2014

I read Phil Gianficaro's recent commentary on children participating in sports (Dec 11). While driving on Beverly-Rancocas Road in Willingboro by the new playing fields on a breezy day, I saw what I thought were footballs or soccer balls being blown around the field. No. They were the players running around, evidently proud of their newfound ability to walk.

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Thursday, January 29, 2015

How can someone responsible for New Jersey's eight Standard & Poor's financial downgrades even consider himself capable of being president?


Public misstatements are disturbing

Thursday, February 12, 2015

NBC anchorman Brian Williams said he was shot down in Iraq, but in reality, he was in the helicopter following it that did not crash. He just got a six-month, unpaid suspension from his job. However, in her last campaign for president, Hillary Clinton said she landed at an airport in Bosnia and had to run for cover into the airport building with bullets flying all around her. Film showed her walking off the plane, calmly shaking hands with waiting dignitaries, and then strolling into the building.

   Even with the film, it did not interfere with her presidential campaign then, and evidently will not interfere with her run for president again, should she desire to run. I don't know about others, but I find such "misstatements" very disturbing coming from anyone, never mind from a potential presidential candidate who should know before she speaks that her every appearance in public is being filmed.

Protect USPS from privatization

More than 63 national organizations, including the American Postal Workers Union, have just formed an alliance dedicated to protecting the U.S. Postal Service from dismantlement and privatization by the tea party. If you would like to protect the USPS, contact your congressional representative before you find yourself wondering why Saturday deliveries, then home deliveries, have disappeared.

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pothole season has arrived. Aren't ours called sinkholes in Florida?


Republican proposal is a puzzler

Friday, April 1, 2015

The Republican House introduced its 2016 budget. Besides the usual bid to get rid of Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act and other successful programs, they are proposing hiring one new federal employee for every three who leave government service, If you rightfully complain now about the time you have to wait for needed service, imagine what you will be going through should this proposal end up law.

   Since House members are federal government employees, would this mean that a new representative would be elected only after two of their colleagues retire first? What country are these people working for anyway?

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Sunday, April 19, 2015

If voters need an ID to vote, give them one. Don't say they need one, then prevent them from getting it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Could Supreme Court eliminate health insurance for millions? Why not? They eliminated right to vote for millions.


Flap over NAACP executive is silly, unnecessary

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What's the big flap over the Spokane, Washington, lady who was the NAACP chapter president? She identified as black, although she was white, but related to many blacks by adoption. This is the United States of American. If you want to identify with a particular crowd, feel free to do so. I understand she was a good leader; now not.

   I think the history of the NAACP has slipped from the memory of many Americans. The founders were mostly white Christians and Jews, and all strongly supported the principles giving freedom to all. The first black president was not elected until 1975. One of the co-founders was John Haynes Holmes (1879-1964) of Philadelphia. He is my maternal grandfather's sixth cousin. Let's get that Spokane woman back. It's what she does, not what she looks like.

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sentence structure is still very important. Example: Donald Duck (Disney) and Donald, duck! (Republicans).


No money wasted on infants' dental health

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I read an opinion article in the July 30 BCT criticizing the Affordable Care Act's mandate that includes coverage for toothless babies under dental care, and that needless money will be spent on these toothless babies. Perhaps these critics might do a little research about babies and the teething process. A baby's first tooth can start to come in as early as 4 months, and the process is well under way as a baby turns 1.

   Critics might also uncover the fact that well into the 1900s, a not uncommon cause of infant death as stated on their death certificates was "teething." Now, about that money needlessly spent?

BURLINGTON COUNTY (NJ) TIMES, THE VENT - 25 words or less, first name and hometown only

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Willingboro banks closing left and right. Supermarket pulled out with no notice or going-out-of-business sale. Centerton Bridge shut down. Bridgegate 2?

Tuesday, Oct 6, 2015

Real face of Pope Francis exposed by meeting with Davis. Go home. Stay home.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Could it be that those politicians who want to eliminate the IRS haven't paid their taxes?

Friday, November 27, 2015

What is the objective of a statute of limitations for crimes besides letting the criminal get off scot-free?

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Don't hear much about the "Keep Clinton From becoming President" Benghazi Committee, now that Trump has been campaigning for her.


   CHANGE!Full name is now needed for Vent submissions

Friday, May 13, 2016

Channel surfing last night; came across Gun TV channel. Guess it was bound to happen


Will rereading letter make it true?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I read Andrew Roscoe's different thoughts about how the United States of America has been taken over by Democratic socialists, and that we are not free anymore (Letter to the editor, "Philadelphia is again under assault," Burlington County Times, July 6). According to the quote Roscoe used, attributed to Vladimir Lenin, "Lies repeatedly spoken are presumed to be truth." If I keep rereading Roscoe's letter over and over, will the letter eventually be presumed to be the truth?


Thursday, December 1, 2016

What will come first, Trump's resignation due to job boredom or divorce, her usefulness over?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bet any winning contractor for the Mexican border wall - which indeed the U.S. (you and me) will pay for - will be a Trump company.

​Sunday, July 2, 2017

"Trumpcare," also known as "Chumpcare."


Thankful for tax exemption benefit for veterans

Friday, Feb 9, 2018

Kudos for your front-page article "Lawmakers seek to publicize veteran tax exemption" (Jan 30). I was aware that there would eventually be a vet exemption of $3,000. I thought it could be this year, but I didn't know for sure. I definitely knew absolutely nothing about having to file a form with New Jersey first. I followed the instructions given in your article, filled out the very simple form, remarkably found my DD-214 in the first box I opened, and now I shall send all to the state. [UPDATE: Rapidly received the official notification from the state that my application was approved!] 

. John Anthony BARRASSO III, born July 21, 1952.

First wife: Linda NIX, DIVORCED. 

Second wife: Bobbie Brown, married January 1, 2008, she probably married before.